I have now had surgery directly on my abs twice. Both times were to fix an umbilical hernia, but the first time was also to remove a “urachal cyst” that they found just behind my belly button.

The first time I was interested in keeping as much muscle as possible so I bulked before surgery.

pre-surgery bulk
pre-surgery 2017 after bulking

I later decided that bulking Pre surgery was a mistake. I gained fat before surgery, and I gained even more after surgery.


post surgery 2018
Why NOT to bulk pre-surgery!


Cutting became a pain and took way longer than it would have if I was cutting pre surgery.

That’s why, when the time came to re-fix my re-opened hernia, I decided to cut hard pre surgery. And it paid off!


2 days before surgery
2 Days before surgery 2019
cutting pre surgery
cutting pre surgery

I still gained a belly in just 2 weeks post surgery, but I also got rid of the belly pretty fast.

Surgery June 4th, 2019


4 week span
4 weeks, pre and post surgery 2019


So the first step for staying in shape post surgery is cutting pre surgery!

The next step is being ready for a tough time. When you can’t walk… you lose muscle and gain fat. It is inevitable.

It took me nearly a year to get my second six pack after my first surgery. But I was able to get my third six pack in just a few months after my second surgery! Not quite as cut yet… but not the tub of lard I felt like after my first surgery.

August 31st 2019
3 months post surgery (August 31, 2019)

But what exactly is the plan to follow for the best results pre and post surgery? How do you EASILY erase scars? What do I eat? What do I lift? How many calories? How do I take my workouts to the limitless level?

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